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Vullaby Pokemon Go, Best Movesets, All Moves, Pokemon Types, and More

Vullaby Pokemon Go

What is Pokemon Go? Developed and printed by Niantic together with Nintendo and The Pokemon Company, Pokemon Go is an augmented actuality cell sport launched in 2016 for Android and iOS gadgets. Mobile gadgets are used to find, practice, seize, and then battle digital creatures within the sport known as Pokemon Go. This sport initially launched 150 totally different species of Pokemon and have now reached roughly 600 in 2020. Many followers at the moment are questioning about Vullaby Pokemon Go. Continue studying to find out about Vullaby Pokemon Go. 


Vullaby Pokemon Go- Best Movesets

  • Offense 

    • Air Slash- Brave Bird- 100%

    • Feint Attack- Brave Bird- 97%

    • Feint Attack- Foul Play- 93%

    • Air Slash- Foul Play- 90%

    • Feint Attack- Dark Pulse- 87%

    • Air Slash- Dark Pulse- 87%

  • Defense

    • Air Slash- Dark Pulse- 100%

    • Air Slash- Foul Play- 97%

    • Air Slash- Brave Bird- 92%

    • Feint Attack- Dark Pulse- 89%

    • Feint Attack- Foul Play- 86%

    • Feint Attack- Brave Bird- 79%

Vullaby Pokemon Go- All Moves

Quick transfer

Quick transfer Damage EPS DPS
  Feint Attack 10 10 13.3
  Air Slash 14 8.3 14

Main transfer

Main transfer Damage EPS DPS
  Dark Pulse 80 -16.7 32
  Brave Bird 130 -50 78
  Foul Play 70 -25 42

Vullaby Pokemon Go- Pokemon Type

  • Vulnerable to

    • Fairy- offers 160% injury.

    • Ice- offers 160% injury.

    • Electric- offers 160% injury.

    • Rock- offers 160% injury.

  • Resistant to

    • Ghost- offers 63% injury.

    • Grass- offers 63% injury.

    • Dark- offers 63% injury.

    • Ground- offers 39% injury.

    • Psychic- offers 39% injury.

Vullaby In Pokemon Go

Vullaby is a Pokémon that’s each darkish and flying. It is weak to strikes resembling Fairy, Ice, Electric, and Rock. Air Slash & Brave Bird is Vullaby’s strongest moveset, with a Max CP of 1,271. Mandibuzz develops from Vullaby.


Vullaby Pokemon Go Evolution

Vullaby Pokémon Go evolve into Mandibuzz for 50 sweet. There are two Pokémon within the Vullaby household proper now. Vullaby transforms into Mandibuzz, a 50 Candy creature.

Vullaby Pokémon Go Location

Want to know the situation of Vullaby? Get to know Vullaby is a Dark and Flying-type Pokémon from the Unova area.

  • Vullaby Pokemon Go

  • Vullaby Pokemon Go evolution

  • Vullaby Pokémon Go evolve

  • Vullaby Pokémon Go location

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