Thursday, June 17, 2021

This trader from Kerala has fashioned a unique hobby out of cinema tickets over the years

Hamza Mundummal (46) from Malappuram has created a number of albums with the tickets of all the movies he watched from theatres

Hamza Mundummal, a 46-year-old trader from Perinthalmanna in Malappuram district in Kerala, has a unique hobby. He has created a number of albums with the tickets of all the movies he watched from theatres.


From ₹2 to ₹130, the value vary and the tickets Mr. Hamza has preserved will maybe shock the new era cinema buffs. He has neatly stored over 1,100 of them in half a dozen albums, with the identify of the film and the date of watching written on every.

But Mr. Hamza just isn’t actually an ardent film fan. He says he solely used to go to theatres with pals on weekends. “It has been more of a social engagement for me. But I collected all the tickets of the movies I have seen since 1991. There are tickets collected until the lockdown brought closure of cinemas in Kerala due to the COVID-19 pandemic,” says Mr. Hamza.

The hobby of Mr. Hamza, who runs a roof tile store named Kerala Store-Ok Roofe at Manjeri, evoked curiosity in his neighbourhood when his kids shared the albums with their pals.


Mr. Hamza has in his possession the tickets of Kadinte Makkal, the first movie that he watched at Alankar Theatre, Perinthalmanna, and Kappela, the final one which he caught at Vismaya Theatre, Perinthalmanna.

Changes over the years

“The biggest change I find in cinema tickets is in colour and size. Until a few years ago, cinema tickets used to bear peculiar colours and were small. But these days, larger, computer-generated tickets are not colourful and do not last much longer either as the print fades within days,” says Mr. Hamza.

He possesses tickets of films that ran in theatres not solely in Perinthalmanna, Kozhikode, and

Thrissur cities, but in addition in Gujarat, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and the United Arab Emirates. “The UAE film ticket was the most expensive,” he stated.

Several theatres that he has purchased tickets from have develop into reminiscences now. “It is sad to see the sites of some of the theatres that have since been demolished. Some have changed their names. An example is Alankar theatre at Perinthalmanna, which was renamed KC Movies and later Carnival Cinemas. Theatres Jahanara and Sangeeta remain memories in my album,” he says.

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