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THE NEXT RAP GOD Lyrics by Dax

Good night
Over the course of the following 10 minutes I’ll submit my software for the following rap god
Enjoy the festivities
My identify is Dax

[Verse 1]
Listen once I rap boy that shit poetical
I break guidelines I’ve by no means been moral
Need condoms niggas all on my genitals
I’m one of the best get it straight like a heterosexual to the decimal
Similar however by no means similar
I rap completely different boy my shit is not legible
But crediblе versatile intuitive and nеver forgettable
If you slept on me that is very regrettable
Fuck is the rhetoric?
Raps like pussy I’ll by no means go celibate
Raps like pussy once I contact it I’m delicate
So in tune with the weather
Big dick bars yeah I want a pre-requisite
No OG has ever given inheritance to my relevance
10000 hours has certified me for vanity
Equivalent to white boys taking pictures up colleges
And Americans not calling them terrorists
So I flippantly willingly blasted myself to infinity
With vivid like imagery inflicting the individuals to immediately cross out
Don’t be alarmed I’m blowing her again out
Don’t want a producer to gimme your track-outs
Got information backed up as a result of I don’t again down
Hit her with the dickety dickery flickety flickery cock with the splickity splash and she or he’ll cross out
Melodically and sonically one of the best and mockingly was choir boy MVP, you possibly can’t tempt me
I used to get head by the pews throughout father franks hour lengthy homilies
And truthfully search for in sky and provides God an apology
Then look down at her face diabolically and uhh!
All over her face-ology
Fuck it I’m making up phrases
Better than rhyming in slurs
Simile metaphor verbs
Rap god shit did it ever it ever happen
Dax blew fast then quickest you’ve got ever performed heard
In it for a minute however I’m lyrically very matured
In it definitive will not cease I’m by no means deterred
Never differ
Yes I deserve
Niggas higher fucking higher seek advice from me as the following rap god
Yes I rap laborious
Run an entire beat like a monitor star
Run an entire monitor prefer it’s NASCAR
Stay low-key prefer it’s Asgard
Been consuming bars however not your typical wrapper
I’m up subsequent you are not on or after
You are an intro I’m a chapter
You are a rookie I’m a grasp
You are the query I’m the reply
You are the pitcher I’m the batter
You are the joke and I’m the laughter
You transfer gradual whereas I’m transferring quicker
You are child cannot maintain yo bladder
You mumble like go go go gaga
You are child you want a pamper
You kill rap motherfucker you most cancers
I kill you motherfucker put fingers up
Hands up
Get ya bands up
Niggas promote they fucking soul simply to get they followers up
Had to sit down nigga down simply so I might rise up
Had to place a person down earlier than I might man up
Lil Tecca 2 Glocks you will flip to a dancer
No fakes operating ‘spherical or coming round us
We been sizzling, ain’t no person discovered us
We on, you can not drown us
I’m the rap god
The definitive picture with minimal slippage
I’m treating ever beat like a scrimmage
Will by no means be timid I begin it then you already know I’mma end
I’m loopy I’m ‘a verify into medical medical with cynical sickness
I’m beginning that is just the start ‘trigger each minute I’m rising
I might by no means diminish I lose and replenish at speeds
That defy the entire physics my head has been spinning
I’m breaking information name me up Guinness
The sickest quickly to be largest
Just like a lama when I’m rapping ‘trigger you already know
I be spitting a rap god it is hereditary not a situation fuck your opinion
What you gotta say I really like criticism from fucking critics
Once I actually get to rapping I actually hear fucking crickets
Ever since I began rapping I’m getting inexperienced prefer it’s spinach
Liquor obtained me floating similar to it is quittage
Voldemort wasn’t even this depraved
Listen individuals I obtained methods up my sleeve each nigga desires this
But what niggas need niggas do not want
They tried to chop me off it didn’t work nor harm trigger once I minimize I do not bleed
They tried to place us within the floor
But they did not know we had been seeds
I’ve been by means of issues
You cannot consider the whole lot I communicate I’ll obtain
I’m a distinct breed of rapper
Known to blast ya
Overflowed with good vernacular
Beat the sport laptop hacker
Took the steps then used a ladder
Screws fell out then used a hammer
Used the hammer to advance an entire profession they can not abuse and even tamper
Even scatter even shatter even after I’m gone within the rafters
My high 5 consists of the highest guys me me me me and me as the highest man
I don’t join with you niggas no Wi-Fi
You faux, what rhymes? Sci-fi
I’m about to homicide this beat like a drive-by
10 minute rap go away nothing within the archive
You niggas rap however actually solely half time
I’m about to separate myself like a apartheid
I’m constructed to final I’m constructed to kill I can’t cease I can not cease
I by no means will they name me trash I hear their phrases I can not really feel
I’m stuffed with anger pop a capsule a metaphor for numbing ache with skillful ability
I really like the joys the frenzy the coolness I really like the hate pre-requisite to being nice you hear my phrases
I hope they fucking resonate
I obtained a rigorous routine
When I’m spitting it is venomous
If you are on the lookout for proof
You can learn it in genesis
Me and Jesus had messages
So I suppose that I’m related
I wrote 5 of the chapters and completed off exodus
You rappers are female
You rappers have estrogen
Me killing’s a particular
I’m in my ingredient
Ain’t no comparability
Rap sport mine I’m a resident
Should be the president
Reaping consuming the entire advantages aren’t actually that nice
Most individuals I meet are plastic faux
This industries loopy I’m going loopy I’ve felt that approach since I moved to LA
These bitches do not work however wanna receives a commission
I’m a rap god bitch come and get saved
Got a lot cash within the financial institution I’ll pay your hire and nonetheless not wanna get laid
You can hop on my wave however not on my boat
You could be on my staff however not on my courtroom
You can sit on that seat however not on my throne
You could be on my feed however not in my publish
You niggas been sleep Dax all the time been woke
You niggas been sprite Dax all the time been coke
You break like threads I maintain like rope
You don’t transfer ’til I say go GO
Now let me clarify my rap god qualities
I give that in very giant portions
What you do consider what’s your hypotheses? I do not care I say that modestly
If I had metaphor for what I’ve in retailer for 4 years of all this high quality
I’d climb 4 flooring all on my 4 fours step forth full power and end this prophecy
I’m no Samaritan
You cannot deport me like Donald Trump tried to do the entire Mexicans
I’ll skip a bar
Then come again as a result of I’m no perfectionist
Who are you higher than? Not me
Fuck nigga you possibly can verify my discography
A nigga rapping like a nigga hit the lottery
3 years blew up I’m a prodigy
No indecision with my writtens my move or my fucking imaginative and prescient
My model is de facto forbidden forgiven out of place
Everybody wanna rap, no person actually dedicated
Wanna be MJ, not keen to play pippen
Stay pushed you kidding niggas
Always gotta copy and slot in, my mission is to inspire youth
It would not pay effectively however that is what actual rap gods need to do
So you wanna be a rap god?
You cannot fear about what they are saying
They’re misplaced misguided sheep
Who hate themselves greater than you anyway
So you wanna be a RAP GOD?
Stop worrying about everybody else
Get in your grind
It’s not their fault it is yours, go get that shit your self!
You wish to be a rap god than rap with gods like me
Snap laborious and fuck up all these beats
Rap laborious, redo, reuse, repeat
Go to high school hoop and work and cross on sleep
Be impartial not codependent on labels with cash engines
And drop a brand new banger like ever 2 rattling weeks
Stay down! Real nigga like ten toes deep
From the bottom to yo head and again to yo ft
It’s very aggressive niggas repetitive I kill it consecutive dipping and dodging the negatives
I’m sipping adrenaline niggas they faux, they edited I must get credited hate it and like it
They’re delicate, I’ll by no means be delicate your opinions irrelevant it does me no profit
Or add to percentages I’ll by no means be hesitant my success just isn’t an estimate
It’s evident I rap and I can- yeah
Sing melodically and nonetheless get technical, you are technically skeptical I’ll skeptically let you already know your insecurities are extremely detectable
Like the NBA I’m skilled
My rhymes they bend they’re versatile
So excellent so symmetrical
10 minutes lengthy extendable
What different rappers doing it like this? I’m righteous
Rap booming I can not fly now as a result of I’m flight threat
Put my dick inside the sport it is too large it is a tight match
Never made a foul music, they do not come out of my lips
Got the sport by the neck, will not let go I obtained tight grip
I flip my flows like I’m doing gymnastics
Aerobatics far and wide, I’m spastic
Disappear re-appear my bars are like magic elastic
Sucking you dry you want cactus
In my prime bugging you niggas no mantis
My drip obtained drip they drip like Atlantic
Take a swim I’m John I could be your baptist
My bitch obtained ass, I do her like taxes
Bust twice paint her face like she was a canvas
Your bitch fakes orgasms she is an actress
Born March no marvel I’m bringing the insanity
God dammit I’m fucking wonderful I do not look left or proper when I’m racing I’m not complacent
I selected this life it is mine no buying and selling inventory rising similar to it is baking
Fuck you pigs not speaking bacon paraphrasing ones
Who kill as a result of they’re racist
Rosa Parking at your station, weapons are blazing go away your balls similar to they raisins
Martin Luther King yo ass then queen yo Freddie Jason
Mercerize your nation, go away you in a bath of man and Harriet the hairiest to coach
And slave you want enslavement
Speak the actual and lose engagement
Triple Ok than frosted flake
And I’m the greasiest milk and shake it soiled monkey, bathe an ape
And go away the world in shock amazement
How lengthy can a rap god rap if a rap god’s wrapped in a rap god’s rap?
And if the rap god snaps can the rap god rap if the rap god’s rap is damaged cracked?
In reality this rap god’s quickly rapping so quick he cannot loosen up
My bars are futuristic intrinsic
So no they can not return
So what they gonna say dawg?
I did this in a single take dawg
Ain’t even take me the entire day dawg
Flowing like Nate Dogg
Concentration fu-fuck it I’m feeling similar to Adolf
Blow a nigga face off
Don’t see you niggas no Ray Charles
Smh emoji the face palm
Didn’t even take lengthy
Fuck an entire album I simply rapped one in a single tackle a music
Impeccable, you niggas are copies identicals
If you suck dick simply to get signed no turning again you are bisexual
You make me sick no medical I ought to inject you with toxic chemical substances
No you possibly can’t borrow my testicles
Are you dumb? Are you a vegetable?
Am I a rap god now?
Do you agree?
How lengthy I gotta rap for the respect I want?
Playing all rattling spots on this god rattling staff
Taking sport successful photographs from the god rattling three
Am I a rap god now?
I’m whether or not you prefer it not
Yo phrases ain’t shit
Don’t discuss simply rap me out out rap me out my spot
Who desires it it is all subjective
Rap god is a mindset I chosen
I topped myself regardless of rejection
Then tatted my abdomen with residing legend
My confidence is so efficient
It makes your hate run flip faulty
I search no human’s weak acceptance
A wolf would not lose no sleep over no sheep
I exercise 7 days that is one week, I can not be weak
If I do not eat then nobody eats, why? Because I’m the one who feeds
What am I? Adam Sandler? Mr Deeds?
I do not do favors shuck geez, until there’s Gs concerned
There’s charges concerned, e-mail my staff it will get resolved
By the way in which I wrote this I do not do no karaoke once I rap
I’m hole-in-one you are barely hitting double bogey
Caught a fade on this shit
I’m taking pictures like Kobe I’m Drake on this beat I deserve a fucking trophy
You in all probability did not discover shout-out lil mosey
Eminem my finest pal and he would not even know me
I fuck with NF, we might in all probability be homies, do not sneeze my blessings aren’t really holy
I spit no hoagie, extra punches than strains of cocaine from a Hollywood bougiefied phony
I rap no subway, you rap at subway, your followers are used to your boloney
I’m caking Steve Aoki cannot cease me you are not a goalie
Say you are higher then me do not remark at me nigga present me
Your favourite quantity’s gotta be 69
Why? ‘Cause in the event you say you are higher you are simply trolling
I strike no bowling
I can not swim however due to my diamonds I’m nonetheless soaking
You’re in denial similar to a vape that shit’s a trick bitch you are still smoking
Put you niggas so as like alphabetical, you are so hysterical
Count your blessings such as you’re numerical
That’s theoretical, you are candy, you are diabetical
I ought to do away with you want the rubbish man
I’m taking out the rubbish man, you are rubbish man, you are not my dawg
Then why you barking man, cannot match my drive, you parking man
So get again within the motherfucking rubbish can
My lungs infested rap sport
I injected rap greats in a syringe I simply injected
I’m contaminated fucking up my useless connections
Need assist I’m epileptic
East west north south fuck all of it instructions
Switch it, flip it, whip it, it is surprising
Fuck the beat whereas I molest the rappers, they similar to a necklace I needs to be fucking arrested
You can not beat me do not strive strive strive strive
Hit you want like Backstreet Boys it is bye bye bye bye
Is {that a} fowl? I’m fly fly fly fly fly
Rap towards me you would possibly die die die die
Niggas complaining you simply cry cry cry cry
Look up at God and I stated why why why why
Niggas be operating they conceal conceal conceal conceal conceal conceal conceal conceal conceal, conceal!
If this does not show I’m a Rap god I do not know what is going to
10 minute music I’m loopy, I do not obtained no chill
I wrote this in 10 minutes, sober, no capsules
I used to rap for enjoyable now rapping pays my payments
I-I-I-I’m one of the best within the league
Up subsequent I will not precede
Fucking up the whole lot, will not settle for defeat
Fucking up cash similar to it is Mac and cheese
Stack my cheese
Feel like a plumber the way in which I pipe it
I beat up the pussy similar to I battle it
Go black on the pussy similar to an evening shift



Man minimize it minimize it minimize it bro
How lo

THE NEXT RAP GOD Lyrics Details

Movie/Album : The Next Rap God
June 1, 2021 of the music: June 1, 2021 
Singers: Dax
Music Composer: Dax

THE NEXT RAP GOD Lyrics from The Next Rap God

This music is considered one of Dax finest works. Dax has given life to the music by means of his/her distinctive voice. Fans of Dax can not seem to get sufficient of this glorious music. Memorizing the lyrics is very easy due to the music’s peppy tune and catchy lyrics.

Interesting Facts About The Singer

The music from the The Next Rap God turned viral quickly after its launch. Sung by Dax, has left 1000’s mesmerized with its brilliance. Lyrics by Dax have performed a serious position within the success of the music. Dax has as soon as once more proved himself by means of the strains of this music. Overall this music is one thing that’s by no means going to go away your playlist.

Top songs by the Dax

Dax could be very well-known for a lot of of his tremendous hit songs like

  • Smells Like Teen Spirit – Nirvana.

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  • One – U2.

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Explore a few of the attention-grabbing info about Dax under

Nationality – Canadian of the Singer
Genre – Hip-Hop/Rap of theS.I.L.RecordsRecord Label of the singer

June 1, 2021 of THE NEXT RAP GOD

Produced by LexNour Beats the music is an ecstatic one. It was launched on June 1, 2021. The lyrics will certainly make us really feel fascinated and euphoric. If you wish to discover the lyrics of this music then you might be in the proper place. 

Some info about THE NEXT RAP GOD Song Lyrics

Released on June 1, 2021, this music has had No of Views on Youtube.
The Lyricist of this music is Dax

Lyrical Video Of The THE NEXT RAP GOD Song
Check out the lyrical video of the music right here.

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