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Samurott Pokemon Go, Moveset, Rank, Evolution, and More Details Here

About Samurott Pokemon Go

Samurott Pokemon Go, Samurott is a Water Pokemon. Samurott Pokemon Go developed from Dewott. The strongest moveset of Samurott Pokemon Go is  Waterfall & Hydro Pump .  Samurott Pokemon  Gohas a Max CP of two,826. The fifth-generation (Generation V) of the Pokémon franchise options 156 fictional species of creatures launched to the core online game collection in 2010 . Some Pokémon on this technology had been launched …


Samurott Pokemon Go Rank 

Samurott Pokemon Go, Ranked because the fifth one. Samurott Pokemon Go is sturdy because it has a max CP of two,826. Its assault maxes out at 212 and its protection maxes out at 157. Evolved type of Dewott which is the developed type of Oshawott .amurott undoubtedly appears to be like intimidating, and its strongest assault is Hydro Pump.

The Pokemon had purple eyes and a particular “shadow effect” that seems to be purple hearth/smoke emanating from it. The Pokemon had a particular “shadow background” when seen. The Pokemon had a 200% value on stardust and sweet for leveling up and including second charged strikes. The Pokemon had the charged transfer frustration which is objectively unhealthy, and this transfer couldn’t be Timed away.


Samurott Pokemon Go Evolution

Samurott Pokemon Go prices 100 Candy, which evolves from Dewott. Samurott Pokemon Go has,

  • 212 Attacks

  • 157 protection 

  • 216 Stamina

Samurott Pokemon Go evolves from Oshawott beginning at stage 17 and evolves into Samurott beginning at stage 36. 

Samurott Pokemon Go Additional Information 

  • Category – Non legendary 

  • Buddy Distance – 3 km

  • Base Flee Rate – 5 %

  • Bonus Candy on Capture – 7

  • Bonus Stardust on Capture – 400

  • Can put in a Gym – Yes

  • Can be Transferred – Yes

Samurott Pokemon Go: Moveset 


  • Waterfall – 16 DPS

  • Hydro pump – 47.3 DPS


  • Waterfall – 16 DPS

  • Hydro pump – 47.3 DPS

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