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Check Totodile Pokemon Go Best Movesets, Counters, Evolutions, and How to Get?

Pokemon Totodile Go

In Totodile Pokemon Go, The Totodile Pokemon Bite has sufficient energy to trigger critical harm. Because Totodile’s jaws are very highly effective, While the        Pokémon might imagine it’s simply playfully nipping. Totodile’s Pokemon Go strongest transfer set is Water Gun & Water Pulse. Totodile Pokemon evolves into      Croconaw.

Totodile Pokemon Go was initially discovered within the Johto area. Totodile Pokemon is susceptible to Electric and Grass-type strikes. Totodile Pokemon is boosted by Rain climate. In Totodile Pokemon Go, You May embody unreleased variations and completely different genders of this Pokémon. Totodile regular, shiny and event-specific sprites which can be obtainable in-game.


Totodile Pokemon Go: Shiny Totodile Evolution Pokemon Go

In Totodile Pokemon Go, Shiny Totodile might be discovered within the wild and wet circumstances. The Shiny Totodile will enhance its spawn charges. It might be present in as properly Research Encounters and Raids. Shiny Totodile is inexperienced in color, with pink spikes turning blue.

Shiny Totodile Pokemon Go could be very highly effective, Because its jaws are extra highly effective, it’s a plus for Shiny Totodile Pokemon to chew. In Encounters and Raids, they are often discovered Shiny Totodile  Pokemon Go is a Water-type Pokemon with a max CP of 1279, an assault of 117, a defence of 109 and stamina of 137. Continue studying this text for a information on Pokemon Go shiny totodile evolution.

Totodile Pokemon Go Best Moveset

In  Totodile Pokemon Go, The finest strikes are Water Gun and Water Pulse when attacking Pokémon in Gyms. This transfer mixture has the very best complete DPS and can be one of the best transfer set for PVP battles.


Some of the strongest Pokemon that can be utilized for defeating Totodile are:

  • Zekrom, 

  • Deoxys (Attack), 

  • Deoxys (Normal), 

  • Electivire, 

  • Roserade.

Totodile Pokemon Go: Additional Stats:

  • Generation                                            – Generation 2

  • Category                                               – Non-Legendary

  • Base Flee Rate                                     – 10%

  • Buddy Distance                                     – 3 km

  • Pokédex Height                                     – 0.6 m

  • Pokédex Weight                                     – 9.5 kg

  • Can I be put in a gymnasium?                           – Yes

  • Can I be transferred?                             – Yes

  • Stardust price for Second Charge transfer – 10000

  • Candy price for Second Charge transfer    – 25

Totodile Pokemon Go Location

In Totodile Pokemon Go, It is weak to Electric and extra kind strikes. Totodile Pokemon Go take much less injury and is resistant to fireplace, ice, metal and extra kind strikes.


      Electric and Grass – 1.4 x


     Fire   – 0.71x

     Ice    – 0.71x

    Steel  – 0.71x

    Water – 0.71x

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