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Wobbuffet Pokemon Go

What is Pokemon Go? Developed and printed by Niantic together with Nintendo and The Pokemon Company, Pokemon Go is an augmented actuality cellular sport launched in 2016 for Android and iOS units. Mobile units are used to find, practice, seize, after which battle digital creatures within the sport referred to as Pokemon Go. This sport initially launched 150 completely different species of Pokemon and have now reached roughly 600 in 2020. Many gamers at the moment are questioning about Wobbuffet Pokemon Go. Continue studying to know extra about Wobbuffet in Pokemon Go. 


Wobbuffet Pokemon Go Shiny

Wobbuffet is a Psychic-type Pokemon in Pokemon GO with a most CP of 1160, 60 assaults, 106 defenses, and 382 stamina. It was found within the Johto space at first (Gen 2). Bug, Dark, and Ghost-type strikes are all harmful to Wobbuffet. Windy climate advantages Wobbuffet. Counter and Mirror Coat are Wobbuffet’s best strikes (4.29 DPS).    

Wobbuffet Pokemon Go Weakness

  • Bug- 160.0% Damage

  • Ghost- 160.0% Damage

  • Dark- 160.0% Damage

Wobbuffet Pokemon Go Resistances

  • Fighting- 62.5% Damage

  • Psychic- 62.5% Damage

Wobbuffet Pokémon Evolution

There are at the moment a complete of two Pokémon within the Wobbuffet household. For Wynaut to evolve into Wobbuffet, you’ll need 25 sweet. 


Wobbuffet In Pokemon Go- Best Movesets

Mirror Coat
4.29 203.71 6.3 s
Mirror Coat
4.10 194.89 7.5 s
Mirror Coat
2.96 140.87 5.19 s

Woobbuffet- All Moves

Quick transfer

Quick transfer Damage EPS DPS
  Splash 0 11.6 0
  Counter 12 8.9 13.3
  Charm 20 7.3 13.3

Main transfer

Main transfer Damage EPS DPS
  Mirror Coat 60 -19.2 27.7
  Frustration Shadow 10 -16.5 5
  Return Purified 35 -47.1 50

Wobbuffet Pokemon Go- Additional Stats

  • Buddy Distance- 3 km

  • Pokédex Height- 1.3 m

  • Pokédex Weight- 28.5 kg

  • Generation- Generation 2

  • Category- Non-Legendary

  • Base Flee Rate- 7%

  • Can be put in a gymnasium? Yes

  • Stardust value for Second Charge move- 50000

  • Candy value for Second Charge move- 50

  • Can be transferred? Yes

  • Wobbuffet Pokemon Go

  • Wobbuffet Pokemon Go shiny

  • Wobbuffet Pokemon Go weak spot

  • Wobbuffet Pokémon Evolution

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