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Check Saphala Ekadashi Vrat Katha, Important Dates, Significance, And Rituals

Safla Ekadashi

Safla Ekadashi falls on 09 January 2021 this yr. On today, the devotees observe a quick and provide prayers to Lord Vishnu. Saphala means to prosper, to succeed and to develop. So, individuals who observe the fasting on Ekadashi, will get happiness and success of their lives because it opens the doorways of excellent luck, fortune, wealth, prosperity, success, and development. From Hindu Vedas and scriptures, it’s believed that the devotees who observe a Saphala Ekadashi quick with dedication will eradicate all sins of their current and previous lives and can lead a contented and blissful life forward. What is the historical past behind Safla Ekadashi?


Safla Ekadashi Vrat Katha

King Mahishmat, the ruler of Champavati Kingdom, had 5 sons. His eldest son was named Lumbhak as he was wild, irresponsible and ill-mannered. One day, Lumbhak’s atrocities crossed new limits, and he was thrown out of the dominion. Lumbhak additionally tried to steal however bought caught red-handed by the King’s males. After days handed by, Lumbhak began residing within the forest beneath a Banyan tree. He as soon as realised, his awful behaviour affected his life negatively and felt ashamed of his wrongdoings. On the Ekadashi Tithi, Lumbhak stored few fruits on the tree roots and provided them to Lord Vishnu with out consuming something. Since, he didn’t eat any meals throughout the entire day, and succeeded in observing the Ekadashi Vrat unknowingly. The subsequent day when Lumbhak began his life anew and returned to his kingdom, the King made him his successor because of his transformation. Thus, Lumbhak reaped the fruits of the Saphala Ekadashi Vrat, which he unknowingly noticed on the Ekadashi Tithi. So, that’s the reason it’s believed fasting on Ekadashi brings happiness and prosperity for the individuals.


Saphala Ekadashi Significance

  • Saphala Ekadashi’s significance has been described and demonstrated as a verse between Lord Krishna and King Yudhisthira within the sacred ‘Brahmanda Purana’. 

  • As per the Hindu mythological scriptures, it’s believed that not even a complete of 1000 Ashvamedha Yagas together with 100 Rajasuya Yagas would reap the advantages to the devotee than who observes a strict quick of Saphala Ekadashi. 

  • The Saphala Ekadashi is taken into account the sacred day. One can change its misfortune right into a rewarding future and get good luck by eliminating the unhappiness, undesired occasions, and miseries of life. 

  • Saphala Ekadashi fasting helps the devotee to fulfil all their goals, targets and wishes in life. 

Saphala Ekadashi Rituals

  • The devotees will preserve a quick on Saphala Ekadashi within the title of Lord Vishnu.

  • From morning to night on Ekadashi, the quick continues, referred to as Dwadashi.

  • The devotees need to eat satvik meals solely.

  • The devotees worship Lord Vishnu by providing tulsi leaves, incense sticks, betel nuts, and coconut to the Lord Vishnu’s idol and lighting diyas within the night to achieve extra benefic outcomes.

  • Lord Vishnu’s kirtans and bhajans and in addition the devotees recite the tales and Katha of Lord Vishnu.

  • The devotees carry out aarti to conclude then quick.

  • People also can donate meals and cash to Brahmins.

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